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Q&A with Britain's Next Top Model finalist Alannah Beirne

For our inaugural shoot following the reboot (more on that here), we wanted to work with an individual who fully embodies the BAA ethos. Someone with drive, ambition, and an unrelenting work ethic to realize their dreams.

Meet Alannah Beirne.


Recently finishing third in Britain’s Next Top Model, it wasn’t all that long ago when Alannah was stil pouring pints as an assistant pub manager in her home town of Naas in Country Kildare, Ireland. As the competition's only irish contestant, she left her friends, family and home behind in order to pursue her amibtion, and the gamble absolutely paid off; during the last few weeks alone, the towering Amazonian beauty has shot a swimwear campaign with fashion behemoth, Boohoo, graced the cover of Ireland's leading monthly glossy, Image Magazine, and strutted her stuff down the red carpet at the Irish premier of Guy Ritchie's latest silverscreen epic, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


We're all for taking risks here at BAA, and considering Alannah's staggering accomplishments as a result of her own, she was a perfect fit (in more ways than one) to shoot our new collection of crop tops, hoodies and mesh-panneled leggings. And so, we took to the streets of London last week for the launch of our new collaboration program, before taking 5 mins out with the BNTM finalist for a quickfire Q&A sesh:

Q: Congratulations on BNTM. How does it feel to have finished in the top  three of such a prestigious comptition?

A: It feels amazing, and to be honest, I couldn't have asked to finish in a better place. You see, coming runner-up has its advantages; you're not tied down or restricted to what you can and can't do!

Q: The last few months must have been an absolute whirlwind of experiences. What's been the craziest?

A: You can say that again! Obviously there were crazy moments whilst on the show, like the underwater shoot etc. But the craziest moment of all was when the public found out I was predicted to win, and then later I was shock eliminated. Both times my phone blew up!! It's still so surreal.

Q: You seem 100% driven to succeed. Have you always been like that? What's your secret?

A: I've always been driven and motivated if it's something I'm passionate about, such as fashion and modelling. I do have to thank my dad though, as every week he'd sit me and my siblings down in order to write out our short and long term goals. That way he knew we wouldn't stop until we achieved them. His favourite quote - which I say to myself everyday - was 'whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.' And hey, it's definitely paying off right?!

Q: Was it a difficult decision to make, leaving your home behind and risking everything in order to achieve your dreams? 

A: It was hard knowing that I'd be cutting off all contact with my loved ones, especially in the environment I was in, when you need them most. But I'm a big girl - you do what you have to do! I knew my family were still there for me, and always will be, no matter what obstacles come my way.

Q: What advice would you give people weighing up a similar decision?

A: If it's your dream, then absolutely go for it. Be sure to stay true to yourself, have thick skin, and prepare for a lot of rejection. But most important of all, enjoy every second of it!

Q:The modelling industry's an incredibly competitive world. How do you stand out from the pack?

A: You’ve got to show your personality, be nice, say thank you, and at all times stay professional.

Q: So, what's next for Alannah Beirne?

A: This is only the beginning for me - there's a lot more to come yet! Just wait and see xx


Keep up with Alannah for what will no doubt be a rollercoaster of a journey, over on her blog here. And as for the aformentioned crop tops, hoodies and mesh-panneled leggings, our sports-inspired womenswear range is ready to shop right now on the BAA home site.



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