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The Concept

Shout, and you’ll be heard. Whisper, and you’ve captured their attention.

BAA prides itself on the art of subtlety. Clean lines, exquisite tailoring, and a meticulous attention to detail, our ambition is to produce clothing that synchronises with form and lifestyle alike. Sports inspired, we champion a streamlined silhouette, for a streamlined existence. Nothing is superfluous.

From the bespoke fit to the handpicked selection of luxury fabrics, every decision we make is considered, deliberated, and then reflected upon. Only then, is it executed. BAA does not simply produce clothing. It’s a celebration of craftsmanship.


Blending the performance of sportswear with the aesthetic of fashion… was a start. For our women’s sportswear collection, we wanted to produce a line of garments that had the ability to empower. The result is a range that merges technical elements – including high-compression fits, sweat-wicking materials and non-friction fabrics – with high end characteristics – such as mesh panelling, oversized and silhouettes. But it’s the unrivalled attention to detail that truly separates BAA from the competition. From leggings to hoodies, crop tops to sweatshirts, we’ve taken the utmost care to produce a cut that defines the form and flatters the figure. Our handpicked fabrics promise enduring comfort, while stealth-styled branding provides a polished finish.


Chiaroscuro is the distribution of light and shade in a picture. We have adopted this concept for our inaugural sportswear collection, by using a palette consisting solely of black and grey. A minimalistic spectrum means there is nowhere to hide. The tailoring must be impeccable. The fit must be perfect. And the fabric must be luxurious. Over the last 12 months, we have taken a step back to achieve exactly that. The result is a menswear range that concentrates on the essentials; long line t-shirts, zip front hoodies and tapered tracksuit bottoms. BAA is designed for an active lifestyle, and so our garments are streamlined to the body for maximum performance. Minimalistic, yes. But done right, and simplicity is a statement in itself.